A Hairy Use for Hair Conditioner

If you are like me and my daughter you go thru shampoo twice as quick as you do conditioner. Another way to use it up and save you some money is to use it as shaving cream! Instead of buying shave cream or gel just slather conditioner on your legs and shave as normal! You will have soft, smooth, and hair free legs in no time! Not to mention the conditioner will soften the hair and make it easier to get rid of while making your legs soft without even touching lotion to them!


Cheap laundry detergent booster

To get the most mileage out of your laundry detergent and to help you use less of it try this idea; Add 1/2 cup of baking soda to the laundry machine when you add the detergent to boost its cleaning powers.  As well as boosting the cleaning the baking soda will act as a deodorizer and a brightener on the fabrics. You’ll probably notice when doing this that you can use less of your laundry detergent!

Gas Mileage

A steady foot wins the gas mileage race. To keep your gas mileage at optimum you need to keep your foot as steady as possible on the accelerator, or better yet use your cruise control option if your car has one. For each time your foot moves the accelerator just a little an extra thimble full to an extra shot glass full, depending on the size of the movement, gets used up.

Get rid of bad odors from shoes

If you’ve already tried baking soda, newspaper, and etc. to get rid of the odors in your shoes or work boots and they have not worked here is something else to try. Place the offending footwear, bagged or unbagged, in a freezer overnight. This works because the bacteria that causes the odor can’t survive in below freezing temperatures so the root of the problem is killed. Just remember to take them out of the freezer early enough to warm up if you’re planning on wearing them the next morning!!

Pizza Cutters; The mom of a toddlers BFF

Just because it’s called a pizza cutter doesn’t mean that that’s all its good for. I would that it gets used the least for pizza in our house. The rolling and cutting motion of them makes it ideal for most toddler foods also! You can use them to turn items like waffles, pancakes, sandwiches, fish sticks, any type of meat, and even pies into little bite size pieces for your little ones learning to feed themselves. Our kids are so used to us using a pizza cutter for stuff that the older ones use it on their sandwiches also. The bonus with that being is they are not as sharp as a normal knife and its a lot harder for them to get their fingers in the way of it and cause a painful accident!

CVS freebie and ECB deal this week!

The Ad for CVS this week has Blink tears lubricating drops for $7.99 and you get $7.99 in ECB for purchasing this product. Not to mention that the Redplum coupon circular and website have a $1.00 off coupon for Blink also. That makes this item a $1 moneymaker, so you get paid to purchase it!!

Also CVS has Caliber 1 subject notebooks 2 for $1 this week. A lot of people are getting a $1 off any 2 Caliber stationary items coupon to print for them at CVS’s coupon center.

Just wanted to let everyone to know in case they were going by a CVS this week!

Happy Bargaining!

Walmart’s Online Samples for this week

There are samples available right now for Emergen-C as well as Cheetos Mighty Zingers. There is also a link for special savings on Kelloggs Pops Mix-ins, Crisco 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and an offer for a free photo flipbook when you buy a specialty marked package of Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA or AAA batteries!!